Maha Rudra Mrityunjaya Tattoo

While i usually advice my Clients to get a calm Shiva Tattoo, it’s impossible to render a Rudra Avatar without any Aggression. So, here is the latest offering to my Favorite Tattoo theme.

Working on this Half Arm Sleeve was a True pleasure. Always Great when Clients give me, full freedom with the design process. I plan to put some Sacred Geometry to tie this up in the next Session.


Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Tattoo

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was an oldschool guerilla warfare Hero who stood his ground against Muslim invaders. He helped save a lot of lives & cultural Heritage. 

This is a Tribute Tattoo in his Honor. Our client Amit came over from Kolhapur & stayed a couple of days to get this from Tattoo Temple – India.

A day in the Life of a Tattoo Apprentice 

Here is an update for the folks following our Tattoo Academy.

For the general Tattoo Enthusiast, this Video gives a preview into the work that goes into Art on Skin at Tattoo Temple-India.
#Part1 of 3

Featuring : Yogi Mohite.

While it is easy to get distracted with all that goes on at a busy shop, a dedicated student will ensure time is given to drawing daily
This means making time to draw after taking care of shop responsibilities like cleaning, inventory management & tattooing technique practice with the machine.

Future videos will showcase the tattoo consultation , custom designing process, set up & tattoo execution at our Academy in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Thanks for watching.

Lord Shiva Tribute Tattoo – Have a Blessed Maha Shiv Ratri


Most Hindu festivals are noted for their mirth and color but Shivratri is a night dedicated to prayers and contemplation. Of course, when Lord Shiva is worshipped there is joy all around but it is not just joy but bliss that is achieved through Brahman realization – When Lord Shiva is seen in all animate and inanimate.

Baljeet gave us Freedom to Design this Trishul Tattoo & we incorporated a lot of Symbols to depict his Belief in Lord Shiva

When we realize that Shiva’s Tandava creates each cell and it is his Tandava that is responsible for the transformation of each cell – we attain Moksha

Aegishjalmur Tattoo – A Symbol of Protection in Battle

This Tattoo done on the Chest of an MMA Fighter was the perfect choice since, the Aegishjalmur was used primarily to Conquer the Fear in one’s Heart.

We hope it helps him in his Career & Personal Life.

Aegishjalmur Tattoo - A Symbol of Protection in Battle

The Aegishjalmur is a Talisman used in Ancient Viking Rune Magic

Spritual Growth

It was Great to work on this piece. Our Client Soma from North India trusted our Design skills & let us work freely on her concept of Spritual Growth.

We have used Hindu Symbolism to portray the Client’s concept of Spritual Growth

Signing Off 2015 on a Happy Note

2015 was a Great Year for Tattoo Temple & me, Full of Growth, Learning & Love.

See You All in 2016. Looking forward to New Horizons.

Processed with MOLDIV
Black & Grey Dragon, Signifying Mastery over Duality.