Lord Shiva Tribute Tattoo – Have a Blessed Maha Shiv Ratri


Most Hindu festivals are noted for their mirth and color but Shivratri is a night dedicated to prayers and contemplation. Of course, when Lord Shiva is worshipped there is joy all around but it is not just joy but bliss that is achieved through Brahman realization – When Lord Shiva is seen in all animate and inanimate.

Baljeet gave us Freedom to Design this Trishul Tattoo & we incorporated a lot of Symbols to depict his Belief in Lord Shiva

When we realize that Shiva’s Tandava creates each cell and it is his Tandava that is responsible for the transformation of each cell – we attain Moksha


Arsenal Fan gets Awesome Art on Skin

Dipu wanted to get a small Arsenal logo tattooed at the back of his neck. This is what we convinced him to get instead.

St. Michael vs. Lucifer – Half Arm Sleeve Tattoo

St. Michael Sending Lucifer to Hell
St. Michael Sending Lucifer to Hell – Reference of a Painting originally done by Guido Reni in Circa 1636. Some Customization like the Scale of Justice added as per Client’s wish.