Maha Rudra Mrityunjaya Tattoo

While i usually advice my Clients to get a calm Shiva Tattoo, it’s impossible to render a Rudra Avatar without any Aggression. So, here is the┬álatest offering to my Favorite Tattoo theme.

Working on this Half Arm Sleeve was a True pleasure. Always Great when Clients give me, full freedom with the design process. I plan to put some Sacred Geometry to tie this up in the next Session.


Lord Krishna Tribute Tattoo

This Lord Krishna Tribute Tattoo has a Flute & Peacock Feather complimenting the design

Garuda – Hindu god

Processed with Moldiv
Full Forearm Tattoo – Garuda is Vishnu’s Vahana – Arch Enemy of the Nagas (Mythical Snakelike Beings) Reference taken from various Indonesian Temple Statues

Shiva in Dhyana – Permanent Tattoo Art

Shiva's Blessing are with the Earth even during it's Autumn
Shiva’s Blessing are with the Earth even during it’s Autumn