A day in the Life of a Tattoo Apprentice 

Here is an update for the folks following our Tattoo Academy.

For the general Tattoo Enthusiast, this Video gives a preview into the work that goes into Art on Skin at Tattoo Temple-India.
#Part1 of 3

Featuring : Yogi Mohite.

While it is easy to get distracted with all that goes on at a busy shop, a dedicated student will ensure time is given to drawing daily
This means making time to draw after taking care of shop responsibilities like cleaning, inventory management & tattooing technique practice with the machine.

Future videos will showcase the tattoo consultation , custom designing process, set up & tattoo execution at our Academy in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Thanks for watching.


Job Opening – Tattoo Temple

We are opening a New branch in Vashi -Sector 17, Navi Mumbai & are looking for like minded individuals who have a passion for Tattoo Art.
We invite applications for the following positions

1) Tattoo Artist (Full Time) – Minimum 2 years Experience 

2) Tattoo Artist (Part Time) – Minimum 2 years Experience 

3) Shop Manager (Full Time) – Minimum 1 year Experience.

Interested individuals can email their Portfolio / CV to artonskin@me.com.

You can contact us at 9833795007 for any clarifications.