Discounts – March 2014

Happy International Women’s Day

50% Discount on –

  • Yoga Tattoos– on account of – International Yoga Festival – March 1 – 7 (Valid Till March 7th)
  • Color Tattoos – on account of – Holi –  March 16 (Valid Between March 1st – March 10th & March 20th – EOM)
  • Christ Related Tattoos – on account of – Goa Carnival (Valid between March 1st-4th)
  • Tattoos Related to Ramkrishna Paramhansa / Swami Vivekananda – on account of Ramkrishna Jayanti – (Valid for Entire Month of March)
  • Female Clients – on account of International Women’s Day – March 8 – (Valid for Entire Month of March)
  • Ganesha Tattoos or Elephant Tattoos – on account of Gajamela , Elephant Festival – March 2, 14, 16 (Valid for Entire Month of March)
  • Shivaji Maharaj Tattoos – on account of Shivaji Maharaj Birth Anniversary – March 19  (Valid for Entire Month of March)
  • Marathi Themed Tattoos – on account of Gudi Padwa – March 31 (Valid for Entire Month of March)

Anyone eligible for more than one criteria (Eg – Ladies who want to get a Ganesha Tattoo /Color Tattoo of Christ etc.) will be given an additional 10% Discount (60% in all)



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