Tribute To Rahul Dravid


Had a Lot of fun with this one. Hardcore Fans are commendable. This is half done now, Will post pics of the completed piece in three weeks. WORD OF CAUTION : Think twice before you get a tattoo on your rib cage


11 thoughts on “Tribute To Rahul Dravid

  1. I am eagerly awaiting my article to be published. Would be grateful, if the current status of the project is updated


  2. n also i think You put that tatto on some other person who is a “RD” fan. As it’s his pic, We should take permission from him before including it as copy right issues will come. So Can u kindly give us any contact details of that person. pls


    1. Hi Sudarshan,

      The guy with the tattoo is a close friend & i’ve spoken to him about you contacting me. We are going to meet up on the 28th. I will be able to e mail you pictures & his written consent on the 28th.

      Thanks for appreciating the work & idea behind the tattoo.


      1. oh..that’s great. Thank you very much. Btw..not only those photos, ur friend(as he is a fan of Dravid or u(if u r also a fan of him) can contribute in many other ways like articles, poems or sketches. If ur friend or u want neat details of this project, contact me on ”” will explain u ppl in detail. Thanks in advance.


  3. ok. Thanks..If you have any more(better) of this do send us at (our official ID).
    Btw…this one also you send from ur mail, so that when the book is out we can inform you or even for the book release function we can invite you (would be good for further communication). Thanks


  4. Wonderful Buddy…Really Superb..I am a panelist of BTW, “Behind The Wall”, A Fanography by Dravid fans. To tell specifically it’s a book that will contain works by fans like Articles , poems, sketches and some interesting stories by fans. We took permission from Dravid himself. We have been working on this for more than 2 years. Gonna come out in around feb next year. Can You share this pic with us to include in the book? Dravid would be very happy to see such tribute to him.

    You can contact me either to the personal mail id i mentioned here or to our official id “” . Will be waiting for ur reply. Thnks


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