No Regrets

Another one for the Secret Society.

The world itself is sleeping awake
and your soul is coiled up in itself like a snake.

Let the smoke break free the shackles of illusion,
and free your mind from all this confusion.

I am most awake in this self induced sleep,
I find peace in this sedation,so my vice let me keep.

The green leaf helps me shed my worries and makes me smile.
I feel more real than ever before even if it just lasts for a while.

So let me swim in this ocean of smoke,
and find humor in that not so funny joke.

Don’t judge me ‘coz I indulge myself ,honey.
We all do,atleast it’s not sex,power or money.

Don’t hate me,you should be thankful in the least,
I’ll only harm myself if taken over by my beast.


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