Look at the expression of the eyes,
they’re the most dependable coz they dont tell lies.

They are the doors to your soul,
Telling stories untold.

So consumed we are over loss & gain,
Honor has lost it’s rightful place,we’re Quencing our thirst with acid rain.

Need to pierce through corrupt souls,like the sun through the clouds,
Let your action be the tune,that makes even your silence sound loud.

Know your boundaries of influence,or else the pack of hyenas will bring you down.
Create a pride of lions & u’ll get your rightly deserved crown.

Have to create a storm that destroys our wordly pleasures,
Have to lose the illusions that we so dearly treasure.

The illusions that blind our visions will fall & u’ll be truly relieved,
U’ll lose respect for what u’ve acquired & find bliss in what u’ve achieved.

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