It all starts with your want to meet her,coz you’ve heard so much.
They say you can’t let go,her once you’ve touched.

Come with poison ivy under the shadow of the stars.
To be free,we can be you & me, the land is ours.

She calms me down,I don’t want to fight,
In her company the world seems right.

There is no pain,there is no divide,
You’ll accept the world with your arms open wide.

u meet her once,u meet again,suddenly u’re dancing with her everyday,
That’s when u think u should stop & away u want her to stay.

But she doesnt go as willingly as she came,
Unlike your other bad habits she’s not so easy to tame.

I’m in love with poison ivy,
They say she’ll kill me,a reality that might be.

To say no to her and stay away your will has to be stronger,
For now just light it up and let me dance with her a little longer.

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