From design to application: Everything you need to know about the tattooing process

By reading this I assume that you’re either interested in or, planning on getting inked. It has been my experience that, irrespective of the amount of research previously completed; numerous technical and emotional questions regarding the process can remain. Knowing as much as you can about the practice of tattooing will allow you to make informed, educated decisions. When chosen correctly, a tattoo can be a permanent work of art that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. And the only way to make a decision you will be happy with for that length of time is with the right facts and a clear view.

Even the most experienced artists were not born in tattoo studios. Everyone, at some time or another, has been in your position asking the same questions. And like every person before you, there are many facets, tools and systems of a tattoo studio to be learnt.

A lot of information about the tattooing process exists and even most heavily tattooed people don’t fully understand it all. The following pages will address the basic questions about the tattooing process as well as offer a brief introduction into the tattoo artists’ world.

The purpose of this introduction is to clarify the decisions, process and care needed when choosing and receiving a tattoo. The end goal is to not only knowing what makes a hygienic studio, but also the recognition of genuine tattoos as an art form.

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