The Artist

This is Vigneshkumar aka Monk, an independent tattoo artist working in Mumbai. My establishment – Tattoo Temple was started in 2010 & the focus has always been – Art on Skin. Taking a concept & make it fit perfectly to your body.

There is a consulting process & all artwork is custom made so that your tattoo is as unique as you are.

Tattoo Temple believes that tattooing can and should be a passion. In the same way your favorite painting, song or movie invokes an emotional response – tattooing, at its purest form, can be the physical manifestation of this highly personal interaction. If you have chosen a tattoo artist who is able to create a unique design then part of your body and by extension, you, are essentially turned into a living work of art.


Constantly working towards getting my work better, I make it a point to attend seminars to get my artistic skill improved upon. Above I am with two world renouned artists Andrea Afferni & Anil Gupta who are both Masters in their own right. Tattoo Seminars are a great place for any artist to come in contact with like minded individuals & see some great works of art.


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