1)Is every tattoo custom designed?

Yes – every piece is tailor made. Each artwork is created especially for each client and will never be used on any other client. Each piece is unique and owned completely by the commissioning client.

2)Is there a fee for the custom design?

No. The one-on-one artist consultation, unique design and all preparation stages are included in the artist’s per hour charge.

3)What is the procedure after the initial artist consultation?

Once you and the artist have decided on the details of your artwork – your artist then needs sometime to prepare your piece. The length of time needed will depend on the complexity of your artwork as well as your artist’s waiting list. Once the design is ready we will call you back in to the studio for a design check. At the design check, if there are no requested alterations, we can book you in for the actual tattoo appointment. If your piece is completely freehand – we can simply book in the actual tattoo appointment after the initial artist consultation.

4)Why do I have to wait for the tattoo design?

Artists put in many hours preparing each piece. More often than not – the preparation takes longer than the actual tattoo application. You are not billed for the time it takes the artist to design your piece. It is a custom service we are proud to offer to every client.

5)Do I need to pay a deposit?

We will take a one or two hour deposit after the initial consultation if you’d like to commission your artwork. This deposit will then be credited to your last one or two hours of tattoo work. The deposit is completely refundable at the last sitting of your tattoo appointment. The only billed time is when the tattoo begins. For example: If you pay a two hour deposit after the artist consultation and the tattoo application appointment only takes two hours to complete – you do not need to pay anything else.

6)Can I buy a tattoo design from tattoo temple?

No. Unfortunately I cannot ensure the quality of the artwork if it is applied anywhere outside of Tattoo Temple.

7)Can you email me the design so I do not have to come to the studio?

I do not send out designs unless you are somebody I trust.

If you are not,I am available to discuss your piece here at the studio. The design will leave with you after the application appointment though!

This is because –
Firstly, you do not own the design yet. Secondly, the designs usually take many hours to prepare and this work is put in with the understanding that the piece will be completed at Tattoo Temple. If I were to e-mail out the designs then they could easily be taken and used by multiple parties. I do not send out artwork in order to protect your custom design.

8)What styles do you do?

As every piece is tailor made I am versatile when it comes to designs and techniques. However, there are some styles I will not do. If I do not specialize in your requested style I will decline the project. This is done in order to protect the quality of the artwork.

9)Do you do cover up tattoos?

Yes,however every tattoo cannot be covered up to satisfaction. The project might be declined if it is not going to give a great result.

10)I want to get a specialised style however do not want to wait for long. Can I get another resident artist to do the piece for me?

No. The most important thing is that your artwork is completed to the highest possible standards. This means I need to control the projects I as an artist take up. Quality is the primary concern.


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