About Us

The Artist

This is Vigneshkumar aka Monk, an independent tattoo artist working in Mumbai. My establishment – Tattoo Temple was started in 2010 & the focus has always been – Art on Skin. Taking a concept & make it fit perfectly to your body.

There is a consulting process & all artwork is custom made so that your tattoo is as unique as you are.

Tattoo Temple believes that tattooing can and should be a passion. In the same way your favorite painting, song or movie invokes an emotional response – tattooing, at its purest form, can be the physical manifestation of this highly personal interaction. If you have chosen a tattoo artist who is able to create a unique design then part of your body and by extension, you, are essentially turned into a living work of art.

With Andrea Afferni & his Work- Goa Convention 2011

With Anil Gupta & his Work- Goa Convention 2011

Constantly working towards getting my work better, I make it a point to attend seminars to get my artistic skill improved upon. Above I am with two world renouned artists Andrea Afferni & Anil Gupta who are both Masters in their own right. Tattoo Seminars are a great place for any artist to come in contact with like minded individuals & see some great works of art.




The Studio

I take pride in the amount of attention paid to hygiene at my workshop & you can be sure you are safe when getting tattooed here. Here are a few pictures of studio & equipment being used. Most of the equipment is single use & disposed off to ensure you & I are safe. The rest is autoclaved (For more info check Page on “Getting Tattooed”

AutoClave, Tattoo Machines, Power Unit & Colours - The Heart Of Any Studio

We have an Auto Clave to ensure all Equipment is Sterilised as per World Wide Tattoo Standards, A whole Palette of Colours from Various Manufacturers like Skin Candy, Alla Prima, Dynamic, Eternal & Star Brite. Coil Machines from Huck Spaulding & Law Birdys & a Rotary that has been my best friend lately. With a Power Unit from Hammax I can literally go on all day long.

Clients can access a varied music & movie library on the laptop & i pad to avoid being overwhelmed by boredom or pain.

Art Work of Various Styles to chose from. The concept you provide can be custom drawn for you in any particular style.

With Mirrors opposing each other I just had to put up lights to enjoy some music once the day is over

25 comments on “About Us

  1. This is very interesting indeed. I am shocked this info is not more broadly available, but thanks for your attention to it! This is likely the most comprehensive source I have found thus far, and it truly is quite useful. Cheers


  2. Hi Friend i like your work and you have been appreciated by most of them . i have my tattoo website , if your interested in expanding your work do mail me we can work it out . i am from Mumbai so we can meet as well .

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  3. Hey Vignesh the tattoo looks pretty cool.Its really worth spending 2k on this.Thanks for this lovely tattoo u made on ma rite arm

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Tejas,
      Costing depends upon the amount of work involved.
      We are talking about approx 8 sq inches of work which will take between 1.5 to 2 hrs depending on the amount of details involved.
      The corresponding costing for it will be 6000 to 9000 INR. Please fill up the appointment booking form @ http://tattootemple.in/contact-info/ or Call me at 9833795007 to discuss your tattoo concept in detail, so we can zero in on the exact costing.



  4. Hi vignesh. .
    The tattoo made by you is really awesome and beautiful. I like ur creativity, thinking and the way you make tattoo with proper care and hygiene. I will definitely ask my friends to make tattoo from you and in future I will make few more. Thanks. …

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  5. hey vigneshkumar..i did go through the pics of ur creativity..lookng at those i m nw confident to hv a tatoo frm u….hope its less painfull..bt m sure result will b awesome!!!!

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    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. Please go to the “Book an Appointment” section and share a little about your tattoo concept/ preferences. I will design your custom piece accordingly.


    • Hey Aneesha, we can design an ambigram. Please fill up the “book an appointment” section & mention the names you want to incorporate into the tatt.


  6. Hi vighnesh….I have blackish birth mark on my chest… I want a permanent tattoo that fully covers birthmark… Birthmark size approx 14× 8 cm…


  7. Hi Vignesh I was wondering what will be the cost of a 2 inch diameter tattoo of a tiger’s face in colour/and single colour for my right upper arm?


    • Plz call +91 9833 795 007 to discuss your Tattoo Concepts. A 2 inch diameter for the upper arm would be too small a size for a tattoo but we can discuss possibilities.


  8. hai I want to have a lord shiva tatoo on my right arm and iam not having much knowledge on diameter .possiblility and cost plz suggest


    • We charge INR 1000 per sq. inch or INR 3500 per hour of tattooing – whichever is less. You can call at +91 9833795007 to book a consultation. All Hindu Mythology related tattoos are done at a 50% discount so you can expect the cost to go down by half. Cheers & God bless.


  9. i recently got 2 c ua shiva in trance tattoo making on youtube…it ws 1 hell of a masterpiece,ur an artistic wizard,good work.i would like 2 know how much d shiva in trance tattoo costs.

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    • Thank You very much. I charge 3000 rupees per hour of Tattoo Time. The Shiva in Trance tatt took 6 hours to complete, which translates to 18000 rupees. If the size of your arm is smaller, it will be finished sooner & you will be charged lesser.
      Cheers & Thanks again for appreciating the work.


  10. An artist must b knowledgable himself enough to understand th need of his client to interprete the inlayed meaning of what they desire. And vignesh YOU R JUST TOO GOOD. I m extremly happy the way my tattoo is been done. I m looking forward to have a few more tattoos……………
    ……………may ur work flourish nd God bless you.

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  11. I got a tribute tattoo done on 9th Jan …….it was just excellent ……. The studio is good …playing music of our choice ….vignesh is a through professional ……makes u feel at home and also takes a consultative approach ….. Vignesh is my man for all further tattoos

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